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Sisal Back & Body Scrubber


Made from 100% sisal, this back scrubber is durable, plastic free and compostable. Perfect for those hard to reach spots!

Make a difference and choose this great plastic-free bathroom swap for your plastic-based body poufs or sponge. This back scrubber is made of sisal, a natural fiber extracted from the leaves of the Agave Sisal is truly an eco-friendly option as not only is it a sustainable resource but it is also grown with minimal – if any – pesticides and herbicides, thus further reducing damage to the environment. This Exfoliating Sisal Back Scrub could be the perfect solution for back acne, dry skin, rashes, and other skin problems.

🌿 Promotes blood circulation and accelerates metabolism

🌱 Made from natural Sisal fiber

✋ Perfect for cleaning your back, neck, shoulders, feet, and other hard to reach areas.

📏 Length: 55cm, width 10cm.

To keep your scrubber in tip-top condition, rinse after each use, rinse out and leave somewhere where it can dry.

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