The Alternative is a refillery and zero waste market located in Regina, Saskatchewan with the goal to inspire others to choose an alternative lifestyle by connecting them to quality, locally made and sustainable goods. We provide the opportunity to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle one step at a time whether it be through the refillery, zero waste alternatives or locally handmade goods. We’re not experts by any means, heck you may even teach us a thing or two! Regardless, we feel that if everyone changed 1 or 2 habits in their life, the world would significantly benefit.

Founder Karlee Raiwet began the journey of The Alternative while on maternity leave when she was unable to find a local source for high quality, natural products that she would trust to use in her home and on her future children. While on vacation Karlee would often find unique shops that would offer some of these natural products. These encounters lead her to think she couldn't be the only one in her area in the same situation, thus sparking the start of The Alternative.

At The Alternative we source all our products to the best of our ability from within Canada and supply all of our handmade goods from vendors right here in Saskatchewan. The idea of supporting local has always been near and dear to our hearts and we hope that you can help to continue this trend.

We can’t wait to meet you!


xo The Raiwets