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Midnight Paloma Rose Quartz Facial Roller


We love tools because you can use them to enhance the products you already have. Use your Roller after the application of our Face Oil. Pro Tip! Keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect.

Skin Type: All

How Much: At night after your skincare

  • step 1 - apply face oil
  • Step 1 -Apply Face Oil.
  • step 2 - roller under eye and brow bone
  • Step 2 -Start with small side of roller along the under eye and brow bone.
  • step 3 - massage outward over face
  • Step 3 -Take larger stone and massage outwards over the rest of the face.
  • step 4 - relax!
  • Step 4 -Relax!
  • These tools are made of Rose Quartz Crystal and therefore are delicate. Please be careful when using, they can break if mishandled or dropped!

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