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Mark It Proud Greeting Cards

$2.50 $5

In 2015, Daniel married Aaron. There was a silver-lining to Daniel and Aaron receiving countless generic bowtie-esque wedding cards with the words "Mr. and Mr." strewn across them. Daniel then started MARK IT PROUD. The mission of MARK IT PROUD is to not only give those searching for the perfect Wedding, Birthday, Baby, Coming Out and/or Celebratory card a little more variety then can currently be found out in the greeting card aisle, but to expand the visibility of LGBTQ cards as well. MARK IT PROUD is our way of telling generations of past, present and future LGBTQ that it can (and does!) in fact get better. Made with love in Toronto, Ontario. 

 All of our greeting cards come sleeveless so we can do our part to reduce plastic waste. 


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