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Coal and Canary Candles


Coal and Canary candles are hand-poured in small batches and are made only with the highest quality soy and vegetable wax blend and true to scent fragrance oils. All of our candles feature a wide wooden wick that produces a soft crackle when lit. Made by best friends Tom Jansen and Amanda Buhse in Winnipeg, SK. 

All candles are 8 oz and burn approx. 50-60 hours.

Mindful - exercise your breath control while taking in the scent notes of grapefruit and lemongrass.

Grateful - scent notes of eucalyptus and spearmint, this candle is perfect for awakening your senses.

Peaceful - with the tranquil scent of lavender, this candle will help summon your inner peace.

That Hot Barista - Inspired by that fresh cup of your favourite brew and the spicy barista who served it to you. This candle has notes of delicious, rich coffee beans.

Don't Be Chai - Inspired by the sweet and spicy aromas of a chai tea latte. This candle has notes of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh green tea and is topped with the sweet aroma of creamy soy milk.

All You Knead Is Love - Notes of a fresh baked croissant and butter, fresh from the oven!

Cupcakes & Confetti - This birthday candle, features notes of birthday cake, almond and vanilla bean and will leave your mouth watering every day of the year.

Wedding Kisses & Lifelong Wishes - The Wedding candle,  is a celebratory mix of sweet pea, iris and vanilla. The perfect gift to celebrate that newlywed couple!

Chubby Cheeks & Flannel Sheets - The new arrival candle, is a gentle mix of linen, lavender and apricot. Perfect for that Mom to be or any Mom to celebrate her bundle of joy while enjoying some down time.

Graduations & Aspirations - features notes of chocolate cake, strawberry and cream cheese.

Basic B - is perfect for that basic babe in your life who is extra “scentsitive”! This unscented candle provides the relaxing sound of our crackling wooden wick, without the scent!

That Hot Barista - Notes of delicious, rich coffee beans

Don't Be Chai - Notes of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh green tea and creamy soy milk.


Super Powers and Fresh Cut Flowers - is a luxe mix of fresh cut peonies, roses and tulips.

Wildflowers & Spring Showers - smells just like the flowers in your garden that you totally grew on purpose. 

French Braids & Pink Lemonades - notes of homemade pink lemonade and is the perfect combination of sweet and citrus!

Pink Chiffon & Fresh Cut Lawn - features notes of fresh cut grass. 

Sweet Perfumes & Lilac Blooms - features notes of fresh lilac blooms. 

Crop Tops & Rain Drops -  features notes of fresh spring rain.




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