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Bamboo Cutlery Set


A Sustainable Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Meals Wherever You Go!!

Eco-friendly cutlery set made from beautiful lightweight Bamboo. Reusable cutlery sets are great if you want to stop using disposable cutlery on the go or if you want your own cutlery in the office.

100% natural bamboo utensils. All-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo cutlery set including fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and a straw + cleaner brush.

This set rolls up nicely and is secured with a metal snap fasteners. It is the perfect size to keep in your car, purse, backpack, or lunchbox! Keeping a set of these utensils with you will make it easy to say no to single-use plastic utensils when you’re on the go, getting take out or wherever else!


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