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Beautiful Chaos Wheat Bags


"I’ve always been a creative, hands-on person. In my professional life, I work in mental health. More recently, I’ve had some severe health concerns of my own. My wheatbags represent a culmination of my personal health journey, my professional background, and my dedication to contribute to both peoples’ mental and physical well-being. We are living in a time when compassion and wellness are key. I hope to contribute to both in some small way through my role in what I like to call “Beautiful Chaos.”" - Tenille 

Use: Heat in a microwave for 1-2 minutes or freeze in the freezer. Use as needed. 

Wash: Outside cover can be machine washed in cold water. 

Colour: Please put in the notes of your order what colours you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate based on what's available. 



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