How to be Zero Waste

Being more sustainable sounds like a great idea but where do you start?

Becoming more sustainable isn’t an overnight switch. You can’t do it all, especially not all at once. I’m nowhere near a waste free life but I’m much more sustainable than a couple years ago. This is the one area in your life where you can be imperfect and still be making a difference.

Our motto has always been, if everyone changed 1 or 2 habits in their life, the world would significantly benefit. Please do not decide to throw out everything plastic that you already own and completely change your life because likely it will be a short-term result instead of a long-term habit.

A good place to start is to figure out where you could make the most improvement. Pay attention to your garbage for a while. (I know what you’re thinking...yuck!) Try to make note of what seems to be recurring items. Is it plastic wrap? Takeout containers? Paper towel? Now pick ONE thing that you would like to eliminate seeing in your trash and figure out how you plan on eliminating it. For example, we always used to use lots of plastic snack and sandwich bags but instead we now try to use reusable ones. DO NOT read this and immediately go throw all of your plastic bags in the garbage. Use up what you have first before going out to purchase an alternative. You may think I’m a terrible business owner for saying that, but the point isn’t to create unnecessary waste here. 

Work on just that one thing for several weeks until you are confident in living without it. Feel good about how much waste you have eliminated! Then if you would like to do more, feel free to add another way of being sustainable to your priority list.

We’re always here to chat. Visit us in store or DM us if you need help trying to assess where to start and what solutions are available. We’re in this together! 

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