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The Daydreamer Project Palo Santo Holder


We love the simplicity of this Palo Santo holder. Use this anywhere in the house to hold your stick of Palo Santo as it burns and fills the room with its beautiful scent and purifying smoke.

Comes with one stick of Palo Santo.

Each piece is made by hand and no two are ever the same. Each piece will have unique details and character. Colour and texture may vary slightly from the pictures. 

*Concrete is porous and will absorb spills. All our pieces are sealed with a water and stain resistant sealer, but it will not be waterproof or stain proof. If there is a spill, wipe it up as soon as you can. Water that is left sitting will leave a water ring. Please note that concrete can also scratch, sticky pads can be placed on the bottoms of pieces to prevent trays being marked. Concrete is very breakable and may chip if not handled with care. *

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