Queen B Creative Wood Slab

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Queen B Creative specializes in creating and adding extra individuality to your home through repurposed and meaningful art. 

With creativity comes purpose.  Everything created by Queen B Creative is bound to a story.  We believe that every item in your home should have function and meaning.   Each Queen B Creative item comes with its own story because most of their items have been repurposed.  They work hard to reduce the home décor and art community’s environmental impact.  

Queen B Creative is simply that – it’s a creative way of thinking and knowing in whatever way it happens to manifest itself.  Whether it is through multimedia art, dance, cake decorating, wood burning, or sewing, Queen B Creative ends up exploring it all.

The story, "This wooden slab was ethically cut from trees on our cabin property near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.  The slabs were initially used for our wedding centrepieces and now are repurposed as décor for Queen B Creative."

 Size: Minimum 10x10

Note: This item is large in size therefore, it will only be available in store or for local delivery.