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PURENATURE Dish/Hand Soap - Lemon + Mint


The dish and hand washing liquid makes your hands (and dishes!) feel pampered. This product is moisturizing and gentle on the hands, while being highly effective for washing dishes. Its secret: its degreasing agent. Soak your lasagna dishes for a few minutes, and the product will do most of the work for you. You may even want to use the 2L size that you'll find in your zero-waste bulk station so you can always have more at home.

  • Ideal for dislodging stubborn stains and excellent as a soaking agent
  • Very soft on hands with its essential oils of lemon and mint (no synthetic fragrance or dye)
  • Very concentrated and economical
  • Lemon: Dissolves grease and gives a natural aroma
  • Coconut: Keeps your hands soft

For best results, pour 3 ml of dishwashing liquid per litre of hot water. DO NOT USE WITH A DISHWASHER.

Aqua Water
Sodium laureth sulfate 
Plant derived cleaning agent
Plant derived moisturizing agent
Sodium chloride 
Mineral viscosity adjuster
Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate 
Synthetic & biodegradable wetting agent
Cocoamidopropyl betain 
Plant derived foaming agent
Methylglycinediacetic acid, trisodium salt 
Plant based chelating agent
Benzyl alcohol 
Nature identical preservative
Synthetic & biodegradable perservative
Lemon essential oil 
100% natural essential oils
Antioxydant (vitamin E)
Mix of 100% natural essential oils


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