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Prairie Minimalist Bread Bag


Keep bread fresh without all the plastic.  These beeswax bread bags are perfect for storing all of your baking.  They are natural, non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable and prevent mold growth.

The bags are made with boxed corners so that they stand upright on your counter.

XL 12 x 15" will fit a large loaf or sourdough.
Color may vary slightly depending on the batch of beeswax used. Bags will have a yellow tone.

HOW DO I USE THEM? Use waxed bags just the same as you would use any plastic bag for storing food. Fold the top over and store in your cupboard, fridge or freezer.

To clean your bread or produce bags simply fill bag with cold water and soap.  You can gently scrub any spots, rinse and air dry. We find placing your bag over a jar or cup a great way to dry them.  If you are finding bread crumbs hard to remove, drying the crumbs out for a day and shaking them before washing will help.

INGREDIENTS: Local SK beeswax, food grade pine resin (stickiness) and organic jojoba oil (pliability).

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