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Charleston & Harlow Candle Co. Room Spray


 All of our room sprays are hand-made with care in our studio in downtown Saskatoon, SK. They are non-toxic, skin safe and true to scent. Damn fine candles & fragrance made with damn fine ingredients!

Made with: - domestically sourced grain-based alcohol - perfume-grade fragrance oils that are non-toxic, phthalate and paraben free

4oz Room + linen spray 

Smashing Pumpkin
When that cool autumn air sets in, there’s nothing better than getting your hands wrapped around a smashing good mug of pumpkin spice latte, heavy on the espresso! Since psl’s are the official first sign of fall, you may not feel angsty while drinking yours, but we love ours with a side of melodramatic 90’s tunes and a good plaid scarf. Cheers! Featuring notes of sweet pumpkin, strong espresso, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. Bring on sweater weather!

Autumn Crisp
The smell wafting from your mom's oven after school on a crisp autumn day may not have always been a delicious apple pecan crisp, but don't you wish it was? If you were really lucky, maybe you got a small taste before supper, but doubtful. Still though, this classic dessert was always worth the wait! Featuring notes of tart apples, sweet candied pecans and toasty oats. 

Mull It Over
Everyone has that one relative or friend who's home always smelled like the most amazing array of spices ever during the holiday season, yet whenever you tried to duplicate the smell it just ended up smelling like bad potpourri. Well those days are over! Featuring notes of tart apples, cinnamon and spices; finished with vanilla and oak.


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