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Charleston & Harlow Candle Co. Holiday Room Spray


 All of our room sprays are hand-made with care in our studio in downtown Saskatoon, SK. They are non-toxic, skin safe and true to scent. Damn fine candles & fragrance made with damn fine ingredients!

Made with: - domestically sourced grain-based alcohol - perfume-grade fragrance oils that are non-toxic, phthalate and paraben free

4oz Room + linen spray 

Red & White Stripes Holiday

Nobody does cool like Jack White, but we can try!! We may not be fans of the icy cold winds that Winter brings to our side of the pond, but give us a classic, cool striped candy cane at Christmas, and consider us cool AF. Giving us all the jingles & tingles in all the right places, we may or may not save any for decorating the tree. Featuring notes of straight-up icy peppermint with a twist of vanilla.

Yule Love These Nuts

Though chestnuts are only readily available during the holiday season, like Nat's famous Christmas jingle this scent of roasted chestnuts and maple sugar can be enjoyed year-round! You can find the real deal all around London's Tower Bridge any time of year, but with the added travel expense and the risk of food poisoning, a candle seems like the logical solution. For kids aged 1-92. Featuring notes of toasty roasted chestnuts, sweet brown sugar, and a base of vanilla.

Simmer Down Sally!

Aunt Sally is a total smokeshow, we can all admit it; but let’s face it... she’s a hot mess. Every festive occasion she’s sure to go off the rails, making everyone uncomfortable like it’s her job. One of her few redeeming qualities is the mulled wine she brews on the stove, though it always magically disappears before the rest of you get a chance to indulge. Simmer down, Aunty Sal! Featuring mulled red wine simmered in a medley of spices (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg) and bright orange.

Parton My Plums

Scene: You're arriving to the Christmas Party with your signature 'Black Plum Clafoutis', after busting your butt all day in the kitchen with Dolly's Christmas Album on repeat. And you just know, this year, you're going to beat out cousin Kitty and her stupid Trifle for sure. You'll be the belle of the (Disco) ball! Featuring notes of juicy black plums, tonka + currants.

Sprucin' Up the Joint

Arguably the best smell of Christmas has to be that of a real tree. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly-sawn Spruce, so invigorating in the crisp winter air. That smell of the tree thawing in your living room is like none other, and now you can replicate that moment time and again without the mess. Give your vacuum a break and spruce up the joint with this scent instead! Be mindful of the cat though, as Christmas trees seem to be yule tide catnip. Featuring top notes of icy blue spruce, cool mint + holly berry.



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